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Hyperbaric Camera System
How it works!

Canty Hyperbaric Camera Systems are high quality, live video monitoring systems designed to provide a high resolution, continuous view inside a hyperbaric or recompression chamber under operating conditions. The key to the Canty Hyperbaric Camera is our unique high pressure fused glass to metal seal. Our high safety fused glass seal provides a pressure boundary between the chamber and the surrounding environment. This high pressure seal is made of optical quality fused glass, which completely isolates the electronics from the chamber. The electronics can be adjusted or removed from the chamber coupling without having to break the pressure seal. Canty Hyperbaric Camera Systems are available with Ethernet or analog cameras. Ethernet cameras supply a high resolution, live view inside the chamber on a customer supplied PC. The Ethernet camera is easily connected to a customer supplied PC on an Ethernet network. Canty provides a 5 client software license to view the camera image on any PC. Video can easily be digitally recorded to hard drive for archival. Traditional analog cameras are also available with a NTSC composite video output to be viewed on a customer supplied video monitor. All systems consist of a high pressure, fused glass 1" NPT male connection, a high quality lens, power supply and your choice of Ethernet or analog camera.


• High Pressure Safety Fused Glass To Metal Seal
• Live Video Monitoring Inside Chamber
• Ethernet And Analog Camera Options
• Computer Designed Optics For High Quality Video
• Compact Size - 1"NPT Mounting Connection
• Low Lux Requirements, <1 LUX Typical
• Color Video System
• Ethernet Systems Can Be Digitally Recorded On Hard Drive For Archival Purposes


Ethernet Systems:
• Ethernet Video Connectivity
• Output Connection: RJ-45 Jack. A 5 Client License Of Canty Viewing Software Is Supplied For Viewing On Customer Supplied PC.
• PC Requirements: See Canty Datasheet TA10592-1.
• CAT6 Cabling Required

Analog Systems:
• NTSC (U.S.) or PAL (European) Video Output Options
• Output Connection: BNC Jack
• Customer Supplies Video Monitor with Composite NTSC or PAL Video Input (Depending On Model Ordered)
• RG 59/U, RG 6/U or RG 11/U Coaxial Cable Suitable For CCTV Applications Req. Between Camera and Monitor

General Specifications:
• 1" NPT Mounting Connection - Suitable For Both Half and Full Couplings
• 1200 PSI at 120°F [49°C] Rating
• 56°(H) View Angle
• Electronic Auto Iris
• NEMA Type 1 / IP10 Rating
• < 1 LUX Illumination Required
• Approximate Weight: 1.5 lbs.[0.7 kgs.]
• Ambient Temp. -4° to 122°F [-20° to 50°C]
• Power Requirements: 12W. Customer Supplies 120V AC Or 230V AC Depending Upon Model Ordered. Canty PSU Transforms to 12V DC Typical Operating Voltage.


• Hyperbaric Chambers
• Diving Recompression Chambers
• Altitude Chambers
• Diving Research Facilities

Please see data sheet for printable version: HYPERBARIC CAMERA SYSTEMS