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Hyperbaric Closure System
How it works!

The Canty QUICKPORT is a Quick Opening access door suitable for both positive and negative pressure sealing without modification. The door is a flat stainless steel or carbon steel disk that rolls into position through a slot behind the door. The Seal ring carries two o-rings and is spring loaded to provide initial seal contact. One o-ring seals against the door and the other seals against the wall of the cylinder. The design is suitable for high pressure, low pressure, or vacuum service. The closure can be used for either internal or external service and provides safe, instant access to any vessel.


CANTY Engineering

The Rolling Door closure is the safest, quick opening closure ever designed. What makes it unique is the method for door engagement. All other types of closures have doors that swing out or slide out away from the end of the reactor barrel in the same direction that the pressure force acts. If pressure is not completely relieved the door can blow open with great force and velocity and the potential to injure personnel. The Canty Rolling Door slides out of the barrel at a direction perpendicular to the pressure force, and therefore the Canty door never retains potential energy from process pressure and can never be accelerated by residual pressure. Because the door moves perpendicular to the pressure a separate safety interlock is not required.



Conforms to ASME Section VIII
Pressure Ratings to 10,000 psi
Forged Construction
Positive and Negative Pressure Applications
Flanged or Weld Prep Mounts
Vertical or Horizontal Operation
Flanged Units Mount to ANSI Flange Dimensions
Sizes 6” - 20” Available



Always-Safe Door Actuation
Fail-Safe Design - Will Not Blow Out if Improperly Used
Anyone Can Easily Operate
Separate Safety Interlock Not Required
Positive and Negative Pressure Sealing
Door moves Laterally, The Only Moving Part
No Space Required in Front of Closure for Opening - Minimizes Space



Hyperbaric Medical Locks
Diving Decompression Chambers
Chemical Reactor Access
High Pressure Research Vessels
Filtration Canisters
Sanitary Vessel Access
Petrochemical (Pipe Pigging)


Please see data sheet for printable version: HYPERBARIC ROLLING DOOR