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80W Lighting System

80W Lighting System
How it works!  

    The HYL 80 External Deck Decompression Chamber Lighting System is the safest, most efficient chamber lighting system available. Each system consists of a high output, 80W halogen light source and a 316L SS, 1" NPT male chamber coupling. The patented system provides bright white, uniform illumination into a pressurized, outside deck chamber. The color temperature and illumination levels of a Canty Light have been the industry standard for over 40 years.
    The Canty Light features a high output halogen bulb. An infra-red filter is standard equipment on every light to eliminate all heat from the light, providing only cool, effective light into the chamber. The light source is provided in an anodized aluminum enclosure suitable for NEMA Type 4 / IP66 locations. Optional explosion proof and flameproof ratings are also available.
    The Canty Light Pipe chamber coupling provides a high pressure, sealed connection to the chamber. The Light Pipe fiber-optically transmits the light from the light source thru the pressure boundary, dispersing the light inside the chamber in an ideal illumination pattern.


• Safest chamber lighting system on the market
• Efficient 80W Halogen Lamp. We put more light into the chamber than any other light!
• NEMA Type 4 / IP66
• Ideal Illumination for Human Occupancy
• High Pressure 1200 PSI Rating
• Infra-Red Filter Eliminates All Heat From Light
• Dual Thermal Switches
• 1" NPT, 316L SS Chamber Coupling
• Easy To Install
• All Wiring and Maintenance Is External
• Ideal Light Beam Dispersion Into Chamber
• Optional Worldwide Ratings Available
       FM Approval
       • CSA Approval
       • ATEX



• 120V, 50/60 Hz or 230V, 50/60Hz Models
• 1200 PSI Pressure Ratings at 120°F [49°C]
• NEMA Type 4 / IP66 Rating Standard
• 3400°K Color Temperature
• 1" NPT Mounting Connection - Suitable For Half And Full Couplings
• Optional FM, CSA Approved Class I, Div. 1, Groups B,C & D, Class II, Div. 1, Groups E, F & G Models Available
• Optional ATEX Eex d IIC T6 Models Available
• Approximate Weight: 10 lbs [4.5kg]




• Deck Mounted Diving Decompression Chambers
• Diving Research Facilities




Please see data sheet for printable version: HYPERBARIC 80W LIGHTING