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Welcome to Canty Hyperbaric Technology is an outgrowth of the consulting practice of John M. Canty, P.E.. Mr. Canty led a group in designing a very deep high pressure Diving Research Facility, capable of simulating ocean depths of over a mile. He found that no lighting components were available which would withstand the required pressure of 2500 PSI. It was, therefore, necessary to develop a light that would permit illuminating the chamber at these unusual conditions. Since this vessel was to be used for manned experiments, it was desirable to keep the electrical components outside. This is due to the potential fire hazard of electrical sparks in a confined environment. This led to the development of a new type of Hyperbaric Chamber Light. Today, Canty can provide multiple hyperbaric chamber products such as Hyperbaric Lights, Hyperbaric Cameras, and Hyperbaric Closures. Below are a few of those products seen on a chamber that is installed in the field.

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